About Us

For over 25 years Informa Market Research has provided private and public sector clients with expert information gathering and strategic planning services, including customized research programs, employing a broad range of qualitative and quantitative techniques.

We are particularly proud of our expertise and experience in Social Marketing shaping major environmental, health and safety behaviour changes. 

Hélène St. Jacques:  Informa Founder & President

Hélène St. Jacques started Informa with a strong background in major ad agencies in Canada and Australia.  This corporate exposure provided a broad context of disciplines  - creative, media, marketers and strategic planners.

She believes in a hands on, collaborative approach and brings together a multi disciplinary teams from the corporate and community worlds..

Hélène is engaged in volunteer activities related to local food systems and strengthening communities and is currently engaged with FoodShare Toronto, Toronto Food Policy Council and Enoch Turner Schoolhouse Foundation.