No Charge Survey Diagnosis

l’d like to introduce SURVEY DIAGNOSIS – a no charge/no obligation service .

Organizations run into issues and have questions about their products or services.  While conducting a survey is popular, reaching out to a research consultant can be a big step.  You might ask:

  • What kind of research do we need OR do we even need to do research? 
  • Will they charge us for writing a proposal? 
  • What will it cost?  Can we afford it?
  • How long will it take? 
  • Do they understand our business?  Will they bring value? 

As the SURVEY PRO my job is to work with potential clients through what can be this difficult phase with the no-charge/no commitment 30 minute SURVEY DIAGNOSIS telephone consultation.

Here’s how it works:

Contact me and before we book our SURVEY DIAGNOSIS 30 minute session I will ask you a few questions to help me focus on your issue.  All information that you provide me will be confidential.

Once we have talked you will have a better idea if research is needed, what options are available, ballpark costs and time requirements.  Remember there is no obligation to go further.

If you would like to know more about the no-charge/free SURVEY DIAGNOSIS please email me at: